So, I have not updated this in a while.

Since my last post things have been incredibly rocky. For a week after I was doing well but now I am just binging again. I keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll get back on the bandwagon. But I am committed. I am going to do work tomorrow and at least take a short walk outside.

In the meantime, I have been watching a lot of TV. One thing that has been on the TV quite a lot is Millionare Matchmaker:

This show astounds me. It is so incredibly misogynistic. I understand the matchmaking service. Thats all fine and dandy, but the way in which she goes about picking women is incredible to me. Maybe I shouldn’t be so suprised, since the women who would choose to join a ‘millionare’ matchmaking service would have to be pretty interesting themselves. Anyhow, she has them line up and instead of talking to any of them, stands them up and then begins to point out all of their flaws.

I even saw a version of the show that had a gay bachelor and she profiled the guys in the exact same manner. Matchmaking if anything is not just about looks. Sure, physical attraction is incredibly important but the values showcased in this show just made me cringe. Looks, money, sex appeal…and occasionaly interest in career.

Patti herself is not a perfect woman and seems extremely strong (and I know she is trying to please these millionares, of whom the only one I like was the gay millionare) but she adverstises that only sex appeal will a relationship make and that women are and should be at the beckon call of the men.

Where are the millionare women? Why is it ok for men millionares not to have partners and seek them out through a service, but when women do so it makes them look weak?




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