Sex and the City

Normally watching Sex and the City cuddled up with a glass of red wine would make me feel better instantly. Not today. Its not a totally depressing story this one, it actually ends well.

Anywhoooo. This time while watching Sex and the City, I felt ugly and fat and socially inept. I also started to feel unsure of some of my relationships.

1. I love the liberal nature that this show presents to relationships and sex but at the same time there is a very “looks” based nature to the show that paints people like Miranda in an awful lighting.

2. Carrie. Carrie. Carrie. What is with this girl??? Re-watching it now, and maybe it is because I am being so cynical now but dear lord this girl is the worst friend. She is so self-centered, and takes every possible chance. She is also way to whiny. It seems like when people critique this character they talk about her shoe habit. I love shoes, and I have a bad shoe habit as well, I dont blame her for it. But I feel like Carrie would be the type of person to spend 500 on a pair of Manolo’s and then telll a friend she can’t pay for lunch.

3. The show is incredibly UN-liberating. I have never felt so bad about being single in my life.

4. LOOKS LOOKS LOOKS LOOKS MONEY LOOKS LOOKS LOOKS. Fun when you are feeling good, horrible when you want to curl up in a ball.



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