This Ain’t Hell

….but it sure feels like it. The weather I mean. Its horrible here in Boston. Hot Humid — EW.

I have recently started a treatment program for Borderline Personality Disorder. I had my misgivings, leaving University for a semester, being ‘alone’ in Boston, my parents financing yet another treatment program, and such. But my first day wasn’t so bad. Today was my second and I met with my new therapist and I actually feel somewhat hopeful. I am generally a positive person actually,  only sometimes my alter ego takes over and I begin to get somewhat down on myself.

I had never been in a treatment program that wasn’t centered around eating disorders and if it were up to me every program would be like this even the eating disorder ones. The problem with eating disorders is that when you put a bunch of Type A people together (at least from my experience battling Anorexia) it tends to foster a competitive environment — mostly subconciously between the group memebrs.

But this way, and I mean doing DBT, and general therapy groups without talking about the disorder people can openly talk about their feelings and then address the physical health side of it with a specialized team of Doctors.

Anyhow, beside my rant..I have been doing well in terms of eating. By well I mean it has been ‘normal’ and no binges, but not up to par with where I would like to be. This morning I had an ice tea, a yogurt with almonds and half an apple. I think I am dairy intolerant because I had the worst reaction to breakfast. Then for lunch I had a DELICIOUS salad from this place called Life Alive in Boston. Check it out.

I went grocery shopping and then lugged all the stuff back home. I also found out Shaws carries GT Kombucha, who knew!!!!!

Now I am just snacking on some delicious cherries and trying to cool down. My hair is not built for this. I look like a Lion.


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